Spring Park         Judo Club    

Born in Yokohama, Japan, Ishii Sensei has been in judo for 56 years. He started judo in 1952 at the age of 12 at Seishikan Dojo in Yokohama. From 1955 to 1958 at Negishi Judo Kaikan Dojo and Yokohama Midori Gaoka high school judo club under Y. Suzuki. From 1958 to 1962 he trained at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Tokyo, Japan. In 1961 he was named captain of the college judo club. At the same time he trained at the Kodokan under Seiichi Shirai who was a student of Dr. Jigoro Kano and uke for Kyozo Mifune. From 1962 to 1966 he went back to train Negishi Judo Kaikan Dojo. In May of 1966 he moved to California where he taught at Redwood City Judo Club and at Sunnyvale Recreation Center where Olympian Corinne Shigemoto started. In August 1977 he moved to Texas and taught at the Plano YMCA.

His credentials include: 5th Dan from Kodokan in Tokyo, 5th Dan USA Judo, USA Judo Certified Coach (USA Judo is the sole governing body for US Judo as recognized by the Olympic Committee). American Red Cross Certified First aid, CPR and AED. He has been a resident of Spring Park for 32 years and is a retired engineer from TI and Hitachi.

Where: Pres George Bush Turnpike (190) and Jupiter Garland, TX 75044
What: Basics of Judo in the spirit of traditional Japanese Kodokan Judo.
Who: Children ages 4 - 15.
Fee: $30 per month. Judo uniform: $40.
To Register: Please contact Kaoru Ishii at ishii@springparkjudo.org or (972) 530-1534

About Judo: Judo is an Olympic Sport. It is a system of self defense, a physical and mental discipline that was first in the Olympic Games at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. Judo is one of the best sports for boys and girls not only to develop self confidence but as a sport that teaches skills that are transferable to all other sports.

Regular Class Schedule
Monday05:00PM - 06:00PM
Wednesday05:00PM - 06:00PM
Friday05:00PM - 06:00PM
Saturday10:00AM - 12:00PM